Curated by Ryan Bradley and Jenny Mushkin Goldman
Presented by The Young Members Committee of the National Arts Club at 15 Gramercy Park South, New York, NY
December 3-14, 2012

The Space Between explores the use of intentional negative space within representational art, highlighting works by artists that share this aspect yet who each bring their own distinctive style and themes.  The dichotomy between figurative subject matter and the void of color, form and line creates an open discourse with thespectator, whether it be to create anonymity, mystery, freedom or serve as a reminder of one's own mortality.  Whatever the artist's intention, however, amidst the interplay between the visible and the absent, the viewer is left free to write their own narrative and to fill in their own conclusions in the space between.  

The Space Between presents works by Noah Becker, Ryan Bradley, Paul Brainard, Melissa Cooke, Adam Krueger, Jason Maas, Reuben Negron, Alfred Steiner, Eric White, and Jason Bard Yarmosky.